Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Jouer Must-Haves Set Review + SWATCHES

(From left to right: 'Blush' lipgloss, 'feather' creme eyeshadow, light swatch of 'Blossom' blush, heavy swatch of 'Blossom' blush)

I've been wanting to try Jouer for such a long time but couldn't really justify buying it, so when BlowLTD contacted me about a feature I finally took the leap and I am so glad I did!

The set comes with 3 make-up pieces, swatches are above, and also 5 make-up brushes; Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Powder Eyeshadow Brush, Defined Shadow Brush and a Liner Brush. All the brushes are soft and though it's hard to choose, my favourite brushes from the set are the liner brush and the foundation brush. I find most liner brushes are too thick for my liking but this was very thin which I was impressed by. The pointed foundation brush gives such a flawless finish and makes it easy to shift foundations into hard to reach places.

The blush, in 'blossom', reminded me of NARS 'deep throat' in both texture and colour. 'Deep throat' is one of my all time favourites so I am very glad to have a replacement. The creme eyeshadow, in 'feather', looks lovely on your eyes and gives you a really wide awake look. The only problem with it is that it creases after a few hours but with a good primer that shouldn't be much of an issue. The lipgloss, in 'Blush', is a gorgeous natural pink with a very subtle shimmer that gives the illusion of a fuller lip.

The set is worth £118 but is currently on sale for £47.21 which is such a fair price considering the amount of products as well as the quality of them. Buy this set here

Have you ever tried Jouer? I might just be in love.


  1. Love love love this post so much :))
    xoxo Antonella <3

  2. The blossom blush looks absolutely amazing! Never tried Jouer before, but am now scrolling through their products :)

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

    1. Tell me about it! Let me know if you try any good ones, I'm definitely going to buy more from them!

  3. Oh my, that blush looks absolutely beautiful. I've a huge fan of NARS' Deep Throat so might have to look into this too!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

    1. You should! The BLOWLTD website has lots of different colours if you want to browse :)

  4. Love all the coral shades :) Haven't tried anything from Jouer but would love to.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  5. so beautiful!! thanks for sharing! :D

    Happy April!
    Animated Confessions

  6. I love the peach-coral shade of the Blossom blush, something I would love in the "light" version of it on my cheeks!

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

    1. Me too! It's probably my favourite of the set.

  7. They all look so great ! Great review.

  8. I've never tried Jouer products but these are so beautiful and such gorgeous shades!

  9. i'd love to try these but i'm not sure where to buy them, guess i'll have to check online!

    xx danielle avec danielle

  10. amazing post!!

    had a great read thanks for sharing :D

    cute blog !!

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  11. Really loved this post, this makeup is so pretty! :) x

    I'm new to blogging and hoping to make some firends if you're interested!? :3

  12. Those are some absolutely gorgeous shades, I wish Jouer was easier to get in Australia.

  13. Such pretty colors, I don't have anything from them. x

  14. I like these colors! Great review!


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