Thursday, 30 May 2013

L'Occitane Almond Milk concentrate

I use body moisturisers religiously. I suffer from really dry skin and am constantly searching for a rich body moisturiser that doesn't feel heavy/greasy upon application.

I picked up L'Occitane's "amande milk concentrate" purely because of the smell but was delighted to find that not only did it smell great but was also really moisturising and lightweight. After trying the shower oil, also from the amande range, i was convinced that nothing could top it (review here). I might have been wrong.

The product has a delicate sweet almond scent. The almond oils infused in the product are responsible for making your skin hydrated and the almond milk for making your skin feel silky to the touch.

The product has a consistency that lies somewhere between a cream and a gel.

I've been using the product in conjunction with my shower oil and oh my. The smell. The feel. Everything about it is heaven sent. It does come with a bit of a hefty price tag but, to me, it's worth every penny. Buy for £35 (here)

Monday, 27 May 2013

Rimmel London 60 seconds Nail Polish in Rapid Ruby

This is my go-to classic red nail polish. It's the perfect deep red and it has a really smooth consistency. It tends to stain your nails so it's best to use a base coat with it; i use (this one). It doesn't dry in 60 seconds, I find it takes 2-3 minutes to dry fully with two coats. Without a top coat it lasts 2 days with no chipping but with a top coat, i use (this one), i find it lasts 4-6 days without chipping. It comes at the extremely reasonable price of £3.69 buy (here).

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Betrousse Box- Glitz and Glamour

I always love finding new beauty boxes. Most of the big brand beauty boxes give one or two great products and the rest tend to be rubbish samples that you could pick up free from a store; you might as well buy the good products alone. The beauty box companies that are not as well known tend to get really great products from less known brands and you get value for your money. So when i found out about Betrousse's Glitz and Glamour beauty box i was really excited to try the products.

The first thing i spotted was you were sent 5 full sized products- 5!!!! How amazing is that?

Jason rosewater and chamomile shampoo:

I haven't got around to trying this yet but it smells lovely. It claims to soothe and balance the scalp and the natural ingredients remove dirt without stripping the hair of moisture- really looking forward to trying this. Buy for £7.29 (here).

Fair Naturally Mango and Safflower body moisturiser:
This smells really good and sinks in easily leaving your skin feeling moisturised and soft. I was surprised to see a "natural" product product retailing for just £3.99 so i read the ingredients. Turns out it isn't as natural as the brand name would suggest. The second ingredient is 'Paraffinium Liquidum' and it uses mango extract not real mango butter which explains the low price tag. For some this won't be a problem but for those who like their natural products to actually be natural I would avoid this product. Buy for £3.99 (here).

Benta Berry G-1 exfoliating facial gel for boys and girls:

This product is 100% natural and aimed at teens and those with oily skin. I use this as an everyday moisturiser before i put on my foundation to keep my skin soft and smooth. Buy for £14 (here).

Tulecos tonifiying oil with organic peppermint and essential oil:

Favourite product in the box. As the name suggests it smells like peppermint (yum!). It's intended for use on the feet, i was intrigued as i've never heard of a foot oil. It sinks in after a few minutes and doesn't feel greasy at all. Perfect for keeping your feet moisturised during bikini season. Buy for £33 (here).

Make believe enhance shimmer lipgloss:
A lovely shimmery nude. Buy for £10 (here).

I really enjoyed receiving this box as i'd never heard of any of the brands/products before and considering there are 5 full sized, good, products in the box £10 is a steal. I added up all of the products lone prices and if i had bought all of them separately it would amount to around £70- absolute bargain. Colour me impressed! Buy the box from Betrousse (here).

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birchbox UK may 2013

It's that time of the month. Uh-huh. BIRCHBOX DAY.

First impression; wow.

Elemental Herbology cell plumping facial hydration:
This product smells like a rose bed. It glides on like a dream and makes your skin look plump and fresh. This sample is really generous as you only need to use a small amount each time. Buy for £42 (here).

B/Attitude Body souffle:
Thick in the tub but not greasy on the skin. Slightly sweet scent and really moisturising. Buy for £24 (here).

Kusmi Tea Detox:
This tea is delicious but a little fiddly. You're given the contents of a teabag, without a teabag. I uses a mini sieve and place a little of the tea in it then poured hot water until it was just above the product and left it for 2 minutes. In those two minutes the gorgeous aroma of lemongrass will fill your kitchen and smell like a dream. Really liked this little extra. Buy for £13.85 (here).

O.P.I nail lacquer in "San Tan-tonio":
I'm a massive fan of OPI so i was delighted to see this little gem in the box. It's a gorgeous everyday nude that is really long lasting on the nails and suits for all skin tones. Buy for £11.50 (here).

                                                                         One coat

Make believe enhance highlighter:
This is my favourite product in the box. At first sight it looks like a powder but as soon as i swatched it I realised it was smooth, creamy, goodness. As it's a cream it's really blendable and easy to manage. To me, this is more of an eyeshadow shade which will be great for sprucing up everyday nude eyes. Buy for £7.50 (here).

So if you sign up for this box not only will you be recieving a load of amazing goodies you will be giving £5 to a really deserving cause. Money is only donated if you sign up through this link:  Also, if you buy anything from the birchbox e-shop 30% of the money paid will go towards "Fashion targets breast cancer".

What are you waiting for? Do a good deed and get rewarded!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena deodorant and nourishing body wash

This is post is going to be a little different to the rest of my posts as it's talking about the side of looking after your self that isn't discussed much.

No-one likes to talk about sweaty armpits and nobody wants them so I thought i'd share my favourite and the most efficient deodorant I have come across.

The scent is really fresh and quite strong. It's about 50:50 lemon:pomegranate and the smell lingers all day which i really like as most deodorants lose their scent after a few hours. There's a matching shower gel which when paired with the deodorant further enhances the gorgeous scent. The deodorant isn't white or powdery and lasts a long time. Besides smelling delicious the shower gel is also moisturising.

Buy the deodorant for £3.50 (here)
Buy the shower gel for £2.40 (here)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kerastase Initialiste

I won this in a L'oreal giveaway back in december and i've always had great experiences with Kerastase products in the past; so i was expecting great things from this product. I was disappointed at first, mainly because i was expecting instant results so i pushed it to the side. Around a month and a half ago i was drawn to it and began using it again. Again, nothing happened. I carried on using it anyway just to use it up so it wasn't lying around. I was admiring myself in a mirror and i noticed something different, overnight i had suddenly got the shiniest locks. The only thing i have changed in my routine in the past few weeks has been the addition of Initialiste.

The bottle doesn't look like it holds very much but you only need to apply 2 pippetes for thin hair and  3-4 pipettes if you have thicker hair onto the scalp in different areas and massage in with your fingers and style as normal. The product doesn't weigh your hair down and is very lightly scented. Although the price tag is hefty as you only need to apply the product a 2-3 times a week it lasts a long time. Buy (here) for £34.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Calcot manor gentle salt scrub

I have to admit, I tend to be a bit of a snob when it comes to beauty and body products. There has been a trend with most of the products i have tried, the more you pay the better the quality. Today, my view changed completely.

When Calcot manor's gentle scrub* arrived on my door stop I was really excited to try it, i was expecting it to be good but it turned out to be great. The smell is delicious, the product is infused with almond oil which supplies the delicious smell and is highly moisturising.

I apply this before i jump in the shower so i get a more gritty exfoliating experience. Usually, scrubs tend to make my skin sting when I do this but this didn't irritate my skin at all. When you wash the scrub off you're left with silky smooth, moisturised, skin.

This scrub is oil based meaning you don't need to use a moisturiser afterwards. If your skin is oily i would steer clear of this as it's designed for the normal/dry skin types. As it's oil based it can leave your shower extremely slippy so be careful when you're getting out!

The product leaves a lovely scent on the skin for a few hours and keeps the skin moisturised for over 24 hours (WOW!!). It takes a great product to replace my soap and glory scrub but this scrub may just be that special. After using this on my whole body there was still masses of the product left so i have a feeling this will last a while.

Calcot Manor's gentle salt scrub is available for £7.99, buy (here).

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Clarins Gloss Prodige- 04 candy

I'm a big fan of lip glosses and believe you can never have too many. I do, however, tend to stick to the bright colours that lack shimmer and decided it was about time i changed that.

This product, to me, is the perfect lipgloss. Big statement, i know.  The product has a gorgeous blackberry scent that isn't overpowering but stays as long as the lipgloss lasts. The colour is a natural pink shade with subtle gold shimmer. The colour is build-able as shown in the photo below.

It's not sticky and lasts for approx. 1-2 before fading. The pigmentation is great and the product you see in the pack is exactly what you get when you apply it. If you apply two or more coats the products also has a lovely plumping affect without the annoying tingly/burning sensation most plumping lip glosses have.

The packaging is well designed and sturdy. The lid even has a groove so you can get a good grip whilst applying and the applicator allows for precise application.

Clarins Gloss Prodige in 04 candy retails for £17 on the Clarins website (here).

NOTE: Escentual is selling this at the reduced price of £13.50, grab it whilst you can (here).
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