Saturday, 8 November 2014

ASOS wishlist

1. ASOS Coat in 60s Skater £80
I was really drawn to this colour, it reminded me of a gorgeous photo of blake lively i'd seen wearing something similar; it's safe to say it was love at first sight. Buy (here).
2. ASOS PETITE Exclusive Textured Bodycon Dress with Cut Out £28
The cut out detail is really subtle but adds to the look, which I love. Buy (here).
3. Glamorous Blanket Knitted Coatigan £29
I'm head over heels for the burberry shawl and this carries a similar shape for a much cheaper price, even though the design is different, it's gorgeous. Buy (here).
4. Pull&Bear Ribbed Mini Dress £22.99
Classic LBD. Buy (here).
5.Warehouse Clean Diamante Cuff £8
Adds subtle glamour to an outfit. Buy (here).
6. Warehouse Bright Wallet £18
I tend to buy black bags, i'm a creature of habit, so buy bright wallets to spruce things up. I love this colour. Buy (here).
7. ASOS Pack of Two Fine Anklets and Toe Ring £10
I've always wanted an anklet but never really loved any that i'd come into contact with, this a little different because it has an attached toe ring feature. Buy (here).
8.Reiss Minty Beaded Evening Bag £95
Would be great paired with the pull&bear LBD. Buy (here).

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

I've read rave reviews for GLAMGLOW left, right, and centre since it's release. I couldn't justify spending £44.99 on a mask, however, when I found it for £29.99 (HERE) on look fantastic; I simply couldn't resist.

The product carries a fresh mint scent which I found fades away when applied to the skin, which I liked as it ensured the product isn't overbearing when in use. The product itself is a thick clay paste with seaweed particles which exfoliate your skin upon removal. The product stiffens your face and is ready for removal within 10-15 minutes, but if your skin is acting up it's best to keep it on for around 20 minutes.

I use this product in many different ways. The main thing I use this for it drying out new spots, when they've just risen; the product extracts all the oils around the spots ensuring they disappear in the next few days. If they haven't reduced after first use I use it again. Another way I use it is as a full face mask as it extracts impurities from under my skin, exfoliates it lightly, then leaves it glowing. I also use it on my nose to soften blackheads, making them easier to push out (yum!).

This mask is great for anyone with spot prone skin or just for the occasional breakout. You need very little product for each use so the mask lasts a good few months at least. Buy here for £29.99 with free international shipping (here).

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer

 My skincare routine consists, mainly, of Origins products; I guess you can say i'm addicted. Their masks work wonders, spot creams do just the job, shower gels are extremely refreshing, but i'd never tried a moisturiser of theirs; mainly because I feared the price tag. However, duty-free does crazy things to you and I finally picked one up and boy, is it a beauty!
I can never moisturise my forehead because I suffer from awful breakouts if my skin becomes too oily around that area. As this product has a gel-like formula it's incredibly light and i've found it hasn't caused any outburst of spots whilst keeping my incredibly dry skin moisturised; colour me impressed. My sister who has oily/combination skin finds this doesn't make her face feel greasy whilst it moisturises. Both of us found our faces had more of a "glow" alongside feeling smoother and being more hydrated.

The product costs £23 from Boots for my UK viewers (here) and $26.50 from Sephora for my US readers (here).

Monday, 23 June 2014

Razzle Dazzle

I'm big on statement nails, they strike me as eye-catching without being too much and help to achieve an overall elegant look.

For this look I used:

This look lasted between 7-9 days for me.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

RMK Brightening Jelly Sheet

 Warning: in the next photo I look like something from a horror movie.
I've stayed loyal to my Origins Clear Improvement mask for over a year now but my lovely little sister bought me a RMK mask to test out because "it makes your face soft and glow-y" she's very picky so if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me.

The packet is filled with a liquid so the jelly doesn't dry out (I wasn't aware of this so had to change outfits straight after using it- clever!) and the jelly comes placed between two plastic sheets. The sheets smell fruity but aren't overbearing. When taking the first plastic sheet off you have to be very careful that none of the mask is caught on the piece you're removing or the jelly gets stuck together. Then place the jelly, still with one piece of plastic on, to your face until you have aligned all of the holes. Once this is done, the other plastic sheet can be removed.

For 15 minutes you will look like you've just stepped off the makeup van for a horror movie but after that you are left with radiant, moisturised skin. I tried to take a photo but the camera couldn't catch a difference even though there was a very clear one in person. My skin looked more plump and bright after using this. I did, however, notice that the results were very short term and only lasted a day. Therefore, I highly recommend this before a big night out or if you're feeling particularly tired. It is a bit pricy at £40 for 4 from Selfridges but makes for the perfect pamper treat.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Show-stopper Hair and Where I've Been

Let me just start by saying: i've missed you!

Biggest thing that's happened since I left: SEPHORA NOW SHIPS TO THE UK. YAY. Goodbye money, helloooo new collections. Right, now to the point...

I took a little break from blogging, simply, because i was absolutely exhausted. I've been in an amazing production of "West Side Story" playing "Maria" (If you fancy a nosy there is an article on it here). It was such a great experience and I learnt so much but boy, was I tired! After shows I didn't get home until 1am and was going to school at 7am so had next to no sleep which meant my lovely little blog got no attention. That being said, I am back! I'm planning on posting every week, again, and I felt the best way to come back was to talk about the products I used in my hair to make sure it stayed healthy whilst not moving for 5 hours- tough but doable.
After washing my hair the first thing I do is brush it to get rid of knots to make adding products much easier. The first thing I added was "It's a 10!" to reduce frizz, help detangle and soften my hair. To moisturise my hair I add Moroccan oil (I use the cheap alternative).
During blowdrying i used the Moroccan oil large barrel brush alongside the GHD heat protectant to reduce damage. To finish off the look I use some more Moroccan oil to give some extra moisture and shine. To make sure the curls held I used Pantene Volume & Body Ultra Strong Hairspray. Mini rave: Best hairspray i've ever used. My hair looked natural and stayed in place all evening but with the stroke of a brush went back to my normal, natural, hair. Extremely impressive. 

After doing the show i've found myself following this routine for nights out and my hair stays put. Do you have any tips/ products to get your hair to stay in place? 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Collection 2000 "Does It All" Waterproof mascara

I look for two things in a mascara; volume and the ability to hold a curl. My eyelashes, like shown in the before photo, are really flat so need a really strong mascara to hold it up. Luckily, for me, this mascara did just that.

The brush is made of rubber and has thick bristles which separate the lashes as the mascara is applied which helps to avoid clumping. The mascara is jet black  which makes the white part of your eyes appear whiter and your eye colour "pop" a bit more. The bottom lashes were lengthened and didn't clump which is very rare with rubber bristle mascaras; I was pleasantly surprised.

My only problem with this product is that it isn't massively lengthening, it does a fair job but it doesn't have the "wow" factor on that front. That being said I absolutely adore this mascara for £3.99 it's exceptionally good quality. It's definitely going to become one of my make-up bag staples; even if it is just for my bottom lashes. Buy (here).

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentine's Day: Gift Guide for Her

When I think "Valentines" I instantly think chocolates. The best chocolates on the market are, in my opinion, Charbonnel and Walker chocolates. They have a large selection of gift boxes and, if you don't want to splurge, lots of little heart shaped truffle boxes. My personal favourites are Pink champagne truffles (here), sea salt truffles (here) and milk chocolate truffles (here); all £4.99.

1) OPI Take Ten Mini Kit (10 products) £28.50
2) Stila In The Light eyeshadow £25 
3)Kerastase revitalising duo £42.10
4) Veuve clicquot yellow label brut £29.95 
5) Neom real luxury candle £39.50
6) By Terry Baume De Rose 10 year edition £38
7) NARS Ream of the Senses blush palette £35
8) Tom Ford Black Orchid Coffret £75

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Soap and glory "Solar Power"

I envy people who can contour. I just can't do it, well, I couldn't. I decided to read a few online reviews on which bronzers were good for contouring and came across "Solar Power". The product comes with half a pan of a dark bronze shade and half a pan of a gold highlighter. The S&G sign has a slight shimmer across it which disappears upon first stroke.

The product is very creamy, odd to say about a powder, and it glides on leaving no clear lines. It blends easily and doesn't look chalky upon the skin. I use the dark shade below my cheeks to define my cheek bones and the highlighter above for colour contrast. The product blends so seamlessly into your skin it looks like you were born with perfect cheekbones. Even an amateur like me could create a contoured look!

This is one of the best bronzers i've come into contact with and it doesn't come with a hefty price tag. Massive thumbs up from me. The product is available for £11 (here).


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Covergirl "Hot passion" Lipstick

Let's just start off by saying i'm a massive Taylor Swift fan. I've heard every song, watched every interview, read every magazine special on her, you get the drift. So, when i heard about her favourite go to red lipstick I had to buy it.

The product comes off brighter than it appeared it would from the bullet and has a bit of a blue undertone. The formula is extremely pigmented so only needed to be applied very lightly. The product is so moisturising it almost melts on your lips and i've found that stay time lasts between 2-3 hours without reapplication.

I'm a big fan of this product and have no issue with it but if I had to pick a flaw out it would have to be that the product stains your lips almost immediately. I don't know about you but I know when i'm choosing which lipstick to wear I try them all on and then wipe them off, when i wiped this off i was left with a faded red lip. If you do choose to wear this is can be seen as a bonus as it makes fading less obvious.

I picked mine up in the states from (here) for $7.99.
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