Monday, 21 October 2013

Birchbox october 2013

This is THE best beauty box i have ever received to date.

Dr.Lipp original nipple balm for lips: I had heard lots about this throughout the bloggersphere but had never gotten round to trying it despite really wanting to, so when i saw this in my box it was the first product i tried. The product is really hard to get out of the tube, it is incredibly thick. Once out it melts on your lips and you need a very small amount to cover all of your lips. It looks great, it's a clear balm that gives a nice shine on the lips but i find it leaves my lips feeling a bit sticky. After an hour that feeling fades and the product keeps your lips moisturised and looking great all day. Although the initial sticky feeling is irritating the overall outcome is totally worth it. The tube we were given will can be used 10-15 times. Thumbs up from me and will definitely repurchase this. Buy for £11.50 (here). See photo below of it over "stainiac".

The Balm Stainiac: This product gives your lips a lovely flushed look. It is a pink stain that dries quickly and lasts for around 2 hours. The product is not sticky at all and is really flattering to all skin tones. Buy for £10 (here).

Egyptian magic all purpose skin cream: Haven't used these yet but they are really handy to pop in your handbag, especially in the colder months. Buy for £34.90 (here).

Akane Mask cocoon nocturne: This was the only product in the box i was disappointed by. The mask felt sticky and peeled off during the night. It didn't do much for my skin. Buy for £18 (here).

UltraDex toothpaste: Delicious. I haven't seen a difference yet but will continue using and then report back. Buy for £8.15 (here).

KMS California Curl up: Helps define curls. We were given a big sample which will last a while and it smells divine. Wouldn't recommend to people with straight hair as it doesn't add curls, only helps to define them. Buy for £15 (here).

Laura mercier tinted moisturiser in "nude": This. Is. AMAZING. My skin looked flawless and i'm flabbergasted that i've never tried this before. A definite repurchase. Totally worth the hype. Buy for £33 (here).

Overall, i was extremely pleased with the range of products and the amazing quality of all of them. I've never seen a beauty box with so many well known renowned products in it; except for 'specials' boxes. If you would like to sign up for birchbox you can do so through this link: here.

Also, FREE SHIPPING on everything in this box in the e-shop- i'm going to buy everything!


Monday, 14 October 2013

It's a 10!

Whilst in NYC this summer i managed to pick up "It's a 10!", a "miracle leave-in product" which claims to do 10 things. Now, i'm not sure if it really does do all 10 but i do know that it leaves my hair very happy.

I use this as a hair detangler and frizz tamer. I apply around 5 squirts to my palms and work through my hair after towel drying it. It has some heat defence properties but i tend to use my tresemme heat protectant (buy here) alongside it for safe measure.

I've spotted a noticeable difference in the quality of my hair since using this. My hair has become more silky, smooth, less tangled and stronger. The product is very lightly scented with a fresh smell.

I highly recommend this product but it's not easy to come across in the UK, US readers can pick it up in duane reade. Alternatively you can pick it up online, "It's a 10!" retails for £20 on Ebay buy (here).


Monday, 7 October 2013

Balance me wonder eye cream

Anyone that knows me is aware that i am prone to dark puffy bags under my eyes; lucky me.

I'm a massive fan of balance me and have been dying to try their eye cream for a while so when i saw a whole load of really great reviews recently I jumped straight onto their website and bought one.

The packaging is really sleek and simple yet not plain. The product is easy to dispense with a pump, with a cover, at the top of the product.

This product brightens my under eyes whilst moisturising and cooling the eye area to decrease puffiness. I mix it in with my concealer 2000 lasting perfection concealer (here) to cancel out the cakey-effect the concealer can sometimes give.

Highly recommend this product, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Buy for £20 (here) with free shipping worldwide- YAY.
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