Thursday, 27 June 2013

Palmers Cocoa Butter gradual tan

After reading a load of fabulous reviews on this product i decided to pick it up. I read over many blogs that it gives you "a nice subtle glow" so couldn't wait to have this for summer.

May i just start by saying this is the fastest gradual tan around and not at all subtle. I rubbed a small amount all over my body before i went to bed to test whether any of it would rub off on the sheets. None rubbed off on my sheets but i woke up orange. Partly my fault as i completely dismissed the "wash your hands after use" sign on the back of the tube, I figured "hey, this is gradual tan! How much harm can not washing it off my hands instantly?". So. Much. My hands were left a patchy dirty orange colour.

When i used the product on my legs it wasn't particularly streaky but a lot of the product got stuck in my pores which made it extremely obvious i was wearing fake tan. It made my legs so orange that you could even see the orange through my black opaque tights... delightful.

However, it was a completely different story when i used it on my upper body. I was left with a subtle golden glow, absolutely no streaks and no product sinking into my pores.

Overall, i'd avoid using this product on legs and i deeply recommend you wash your hands thoroughly after use. This is a great product to use on your upper body as it leaves a really natural tan whilst moisturising at the same time. The product smells a bit like nutella which i quite like but a few of my friends weren't a fan of the smell. Buy for £5.35 (here).

Monday, 24 June 2013

Soap and Glory "Bright here, bright now" face balm

I'm really loving the luminous skin look at the moment and stumbled upon this when i was rummaging through soap and glory's skincare collection.

The product is a pearly pink colour but on application it turns clear. The apricot kernel oil moisturises the skin whilst the aloe vera adds a touch of brightness to your face.

The packaging is typical of S&G's quirky style and the aluminium casing makes the product really easy to get out.

I use this product in two ways; I rub it in before applying my foundation in place of a primer/moisturiser or i just wear it on its own to make me look more awake and radiant.

What i really like about this product is that it's really lightweight. When you are wearing some particular products your skin can feel quite "heavy" but i've found this product to be virtually weightless on my skin.

The only annoying thing about the balm is that it can sometimes cause break outs on my forehead but the rest of my face tends not to get affected by the product.

Overall, i highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a morning "pick me up" or wants to achieve a glowy/dewy finish. A tube costs £10 from boots (here). I've had my tube for 3 months and have been using it every day and it is still half full so you're getting value for your money.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Crown brush

I must admit, i'm not a big fan of using brushes. I like blending make-up the old fashioned way; with my fingers. The only brush i've ever really used is a blush brush as i've always found it hard to work with other types of brushes. When I read Fleur de Force's review of "crown brush" I had to try it out. Affordable and high quality? I'm sold.

I opted for SS021 Syntho Blending Fluff, SS004 Deluxe Oval Concealer and C406 Large Duo Fibre Face Brush.

SS021 Syntho Blending Fluff:
The one thing i really struggled with when applying with my fingers was blending eyeshadow in my crease. This brush allows me to do it effortlessly and is great for creating the smokey eye effect. Buy (here) for £4.99.

C406 Large Duo Fibre Face Brush:
I've heard some great stuff about duo fibre brushes and this brush definitely didn't dissapoint. It blended my foundation in really well leaving a natural finish. This is much cheaper than most duo fibre brushes on the market and just as good, if not better. Buy for £9.29 (here).

SS004 Deluxe Oval Concealer: 
I've always found that applying with your ring finger i can sometimes use too much concealer and end up with a really "fake" finish. This brush allowed for a natural wide eyed look to be created and evenly distributes the product around your eyes. Buy for £5.49 (here).

Monday, 17 June 2013

Birchbox UK june 2013

Beauty protector- Protect & detangle:
I used this after washing my hair as a detangler for my unruly mane and it did wonders. Not only did it detangle but it also softened and added shine to my hair. The package says it protects from UVA rays and heat so will be great to pop in your luggage for summer to stop your hair from frazzling in the sun. Buy for £15 (here).

Color club wanderlust collection nail polish:
I received london calling (left) and mod in manhattan (right). Color club have an amazing range of colours and with a good base/top coat last about 4 days on the nails. Buy 4 minis for £10 (here).

Green people sun lotion SPF 15 with tan accelerator:
I really liked that birchbox added a face sun lotion- i'm really reluctant to buy big products without testing them before as they're usually really expensive and most break me out. Really nice scent to this product and not greasy at all. Buy for £17.95 (here) for SPF 15 and (here) for SPF 25.

ModelCo eye pencil:
Classic black pigmented eyeliner. Win. Buy for £14 (here).

Carole Franck fluide fraicheur phyto-hydrant:
Lovely luxurious scent to this ultra lightweight moisturiser. Buy for £47.25 (here).

If you like the look of this box sign up for a one off box or a monthly subscription for £10 (here).

Thursday, 13 June 2013

We the hatters

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. I recently found this amazing website and adored all the designs on their website. I opted for the personalised name necklace in sterling silver and the infinity ring.

The items are really great quality and i have gotten endless complements on both of them. Buy the necklace (here) for £65 and the ring for £10 (here).

(excuse the orange hands, i may or may not have had a fake tanning disaster.)


Monday, 10 June 2013

Chery lin coconut rose sugar body scrub

Exfoliation is a big part of my routine. As i wear tights almost every day ingrown hairs are an inevitability, gross.

I make my way through a lot of scrubs so for a product to be good in my books it has to be really good. Cherylin's coconut rose sugar scrub* was just that for me.

Normally, i'm not a big fan of rose scented products but this delicious aromatic mixture of coconut and rose is spectacular. The product has a really delicate scent that makes your bathroom smell like a luxurious turkish spa.

The sugar grains are large which allows for great exfoliation. It isn't at all harsh on your skin and leaves you feeling soft and moisturised.

It doesn't come cheap at £27.95 but it is worth every penny. I've had this for just over two months and i still have a third of the tub left with use once a week all over my body. I cannot recommend this product enough, it is suitable for all skin types and i am yet to find someone who doesn't adore the scent. Buy (here).

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Cleanser

This product is one of the most renowned cleansers in the beauty bloggersphere. I picked one up for the first time a few months ago and i don't think i'm ever going to look back!

This is the first cleanser i've owned that hasn't stung my eyes and removes all of my make-up. Maybe i just haven't had much luck with cleansers in the past or maybe this cleanser is just great.

The scent is a woody/fresh which i find refreshing when taking off my make-up. The product is a white cream that you rub all over your face, i pump 1 and a bit to use on a full face. When in use i sometimes feel that not all of my mascara has come off but when i go over my face with a wet muslin cloth all make-up that was on my face glides off.

I really like that this product uses a muslin cloth with it as it ensures your skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated.

A 100ml bottle lasted me just over 2 months with use everyday. As it's a cream it's hydrating but it doesn't make your face oily which i really like. If you are looking for a gentle cleanser that is really thorough i cannot recommend this enough.

Buy for £14.75 (here)

Monday, 3 June 2013

Body Shop: Honey& Oat 3 in 1 scrub mask

I've been in the market for a new exfoliator for a while now as i've been using my St.Ives one religiously for years.  After a little on the The Body Shop website I decided on a mask/exfoliator that sounded rather appealing.

When i first used it on it's own i must say i was quite disappointed. It didn't really exfoliate my skin; at all.

However, my skin was left feeling softer than it was previously so i did a little experimenting. I exfoliated with my St.Ives exfoliator and used this as a mask afterwards- i was WOWED by the results. My skin was left feeling plump and soft (i got really odd looks on the tube whilst constantly stroking my face but it just felt so smooth!).

I think the word "Exfoliator" is a bit misleading as it barely exfoliates, it's more of a skin booster.

Overall this is a fabulous product; as a mask. It leaves your skin feeling as smooth as a babies bottom and as fresh as a bright summers day. It retails for £10 at the body shop. Buy (here).
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