Monday, 30 September 2013

Stone beauty

I'm all for trying new brands that aren't on the high street so when i stumbled upon "Stone Beauty" i was like a kid in a candy shop. So. Many. Pretty. Retro. Products.

First up on the list, their "Harmony Body butter". The butter's top notes are floral with lower notes of wood which creates a harmonious scent (har har). The butter leaves my skin soft, glowing and nourished but takes a long time to sink in and leaves a little residue so it's best used before bed. Available for £12.50 (here).

Next up we have the body lotion in "Lemon Bergamot". This smells lovely and sinks in quickly but isn't highly nourishing. Whilst it does moisturise i have unbelievably thirsty skin and this didn't quench it's thirst. It is a great product if you don't need a deep moisturising treatment. Buy for £10 (here).

Last but definitely not least the wonderful "Hydrating Salt Scrub". This scrub has a gorgeous lemon scent, which when paired with the lemon bergamot lotion smells divine, and an oil layer on top that makes the scrub really hydrating. This scrub isn't harsh but is very rough and doesn't leave your skin stripped. Every time i use it i'm left with glowing, nourished, skin. Buy for £14.75 (here).

Overall, I was more than pleased with how the products performed. If, like me, all of the products listed appealed to you you can buy them in a gift box (here). If you like the look of a particular item just click on the links under the photos.

Monday, 23 September 2013

MOA the green balm

The cold weather is starting to set in, yay. This means more dry patches, EVERYWHERE. Today i felt that i needed to share my all time favourite balm with you guys just in case you are suffering from gross little dry patches like me.

I love the textures of balms, i always feel like they're doing something because the texture is so thick and luxurious. I usually find with moisturisers that are really hydrating comes spots dotted around my forehead- not with this miracle balm! It has some tea tree in it which hydrates whilst fighting spots.

It's a multi-use product, some of the ways i use it:
  • To soften/hydrate my cuticles
  • On spots- the tea tree reduces the redness
  • On your feet (tip: slather on the soles of your feet and pop some socks on before you go to bed and wake up with smooth feet)
  • As a cleanser (Use like the Emma Hardie cleaning balm (here) and just rub into palm until an oil is formed, rub onto face then wipe off with hot flannel)
I know what you're thinking. An amazing product which has amazing effects? I bet it has an amazingly high price tag to go with it... NOPE! It retails for £4.50-£9 which compared to most face balms/cleansing balms is an absolute bargain. I cannot fault this product or recommend it enough! Buy 50ml for £9 (here) or the 15ml for £4.50 (here)

Monday, 16 September 2013

Birchbox UK september 2013

It's my favourite time of the month- BIRCHBOX TIME!!

First impression: W.O.W

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel: This gel is extremely refreshing and i like to use it when i've had a long day. The smell is divine and lingers on the skin without being overpowering. Buy for £31 (here).

Molton brown Ylang-Ylang nourishing body lotion: We got a Ylang Ylang shower gel in the previous box so this will be nice to pair up with it. It has the same refreshing woody smell. Buy for £18 (here).

Reverence de Bastien nail polish: A lovely burgundy colour for autumn. Glossy finish and long lasting. Buy for £16 (here).

Bioderma H20: I have 2 big bottles of this and adore it. It leaves my skin looking refreshed and glowing whilst being able to remove heavy duty make-up. Buy for £9.99 (here).

Green & Black's White chocolate: One word: YUM. Buy for £2.29 (here).

ModelCo. Party proof lipstick: A moisturising pinky-nude colour. Very easy to wear and lasts around an hour before it needs to be reapplied. Buy for £15.50 (here). Alternatively there is a bright set for £15.50 (here).

Sign up for birchbox for £10 a month (here). What are your thoughts on this box?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Nars "Afghan red"

I entered a giveaway on the lovely Fatin's blog, Oh my gosh make-up, and won (YAY). The prize was Nars "Afghan red", I was really excited to try it as i've never tried a Nars lipstick. I definitely wasn't disappointed.

"Afghan red" is, in fact, not a red. When swatched it looks like it would be a really deep purple when applied but when applied on the lips it was a whole different story.

The colour was drastically different from its swatch (how?!?!) and left my lips with a browny-pink shade that is a little darker than my lips.

I found the formulation quite hard to work with as my lips are very dry so the lipstick slightly tugged at times. The product leaves you with a semi matte finish which looks great but, again, is quite drying so i advise you use lip balm under it. An advantage of the matte finish is that it is quite long lasting and lasted around 2-3 hours with drinking and eating.

"Afghan Red" retails for £18.50 (here).


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wet'n'Wild cherry picking 695

A few weeks ago my family and I went to New York for a family trip for a week. Whilst there i managed to pick up some amazing products, some available worldwide and others more readily available in the US.

I am a big big big fan of FleurDeForce so when i saw her blog post on wet'n'wild cherry picking (695) I put it on my "MUST PICK UP" list for NYC.

The colour payoff is unbelivable. The photo above just has the lipstick applied with just one coat. I find the more coats the brighter the fuchsia colour created so if you prefer slightly darker pinks just layer it up. As the lipstick is flat to precisely apply it (unlike the photo above haha!) tilt the lipstick on its side and use the edge. Alternatively you could use a lipstick brush.

The product is extremely moisturising but i do find that the colour wears off in around an hour so needs to be reapplied. The product is cased in a lip bullet which makes it really handy to pop in your bag as it doesn't take up much space. The lipstick comes at a whopping...wait for it... $1.99. $1.99 FOR AN AMAZING LIPSTICK?!?!?! Bargain. Buy (here) if you are in the US.

If anybody finds a link to where people can buy this in the UK please pop it in the comments and i'll link it in this post!
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