Monday, 29 July 2013

NUXE Reve de Miel Baume Levres Ultra-Nourrissant Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm

When i first purchased this  i didn't see why it was raved about so much. I pushed it to the side and completely forgot about it. When i ran out of lip balm i turned to it and boy, have my views changed! I slathered it on my cracked lips before i went to bed and woke up with... hydrated lips! I was flabbergasted to say the least. Ever since i haven't been able to stop using it, it's quite a thick balm so i put it on before bed to let it sink in. The photo online is quite deceptive, it makes it look like it would have a creamy/balmy texture but it has more of a classic lip balm feel. 

The packaging is quite luxurious. The tub is made out of heavy glass and the lid is made of sturdy plastic. It's one of the products you leave on your vanity when guests come over to make it look pretty.
It retails for £9.50, which is a little more pricy than most lip care products but it is worth every penny! Buy it (here)

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Hi guys! I thought it'd be nice to sell some AMAZING products that i neglect as they're just TOO good to waste. I thought it'd be nice to do a gift system so for every £9 you spend you get to choose a sample of your choice from the samples listed below! Some samples are better than others,  i'm aware, so place your orders quickly to get the sample you want. Please state which sample you want if you spend over £15. (NOTE: Sample B&E are samples of micellar waters. B is NUXE

A few things to bear in mind:

  • You have to pay for postage and packaging. For UK it's £3.
  • Prices are not negotiable as they are already very low!
  • It will be on a first come first serve basis. I will hold onto items no longer than 24 hours
  • Postage varies depending on what you buy so leave your details and I'll get back to you with a price inc P&P, I do send second class recorded so please bear this in mind and also check Royal Mail website to be assured that I charge the lowest recorded postage possible. 
  • If your contact email is different to your paypal email PLEASE leave both.
  • Anything sold will be crossed off so you are updated on what is still available
  • Leave a comment with item numbers and your paypal address, I will send you an invoice. 
  • NO RETURNS, please make sure you read descriptions properly and check for swatches on the internet if you have to for further info

    1) Rouge d'armani in 525  -usage shown- RRP £25 selling for £7
    2) Rouge d'armani in 518 -usage shown- RRP £25 selling for £7
    3) MAC lipstick in spirit (satin finish) - usage shown- RRP £15 selling for £8.50

    4) MAC satin finish SPF 15 in NW20- two thirds of the product left- RRP £24 selling for £13.50
    5) Yonka Pamplemousse normal to dry- never used- RRP £24 selling for £7
    6) Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser in beige - used 2 times- RRP £1.99 selling for £0.50
    7) Balance  me pure skin face wash- never used- RRP £7 selling for £1

    8) Percy and reed colour and shine conditioner- used once- RRP £16 selling for £3.50
    9) Tresemme instant refresh dry shampoo- used once- RRP £4.79 selling for £1.50
    10) Tresemme restructuring deep conditioning mask- never used- RRP £2.45 selling for £1

    11) Bourjois round pot eyeshadow in verge petillant- used twice-RRP £6.50 selling for £2.50
    12 ) Bourjois blush in santal - used once and doesn't close properly (i will tape it shut when sending it to you) - RRP £7.99 selling for £2.50
    13) Bourjois round pot eyeshadow in argent- used 5/6 times- RRP £6.50 selling for £2.50

    14) Clinique liquid mild facial soap- usage shown in photo- RRP £15 selling for £7.50
    15) Clinique clarifying lotion in 2-usage shown in photo- RRP £23 selling for £9.00
    16) Clinique dramatically different moisturiser- just under half left- RRP £27 selling for £8

    or all 3 listed above for £22
    17) Sophyto balancing daily moisturiser- never used- RRP £9 selling for £2
    18) Sophyto Omega daily moisturizer- used once- RRP £9 selling for £2
    19) Sophyto exfoliating treatment-never used-RRP £7.50 selling for £1.50

    20) MAC limited edition disney villians eyeshadow in she who dares- used once- RRP £29 selling for £16

    21) Sun-in gentle with lemon- never used- RRP £5.40 selling for £1
    22) Make believe enhance hightlighter- used 2/3 times- RRP £6.89 selling for £2
    23) Lierac initiatic smoothing cream- half used- RRP £25 selling for £4

    24) MAC powder blush in sunbasque - used 4/5 times and has dent in product- RRP £18 selling for £12
    25) Nars blush in sex appeal- used twice- RRP £21.50 selling for £15

    26) Palmers natural bronze lotion- used 4/5 times packaging stained at dispenser-RRP £5.35 selling for £1.50
    27) MAC studiofix foundation in NW25 - used 3/4 times- RRP £21.50 selling for £12.50
    28) Bare minerals pure transformation night treatment in light- used twice WARNING: PRODUCT IS MESSY ON INSIDE AS PRODUCT COMES WITH NON DETACHABLE BRUSH WHICH COLLECTS PRODUCT- RRP £45 selling for £25

    33) Topshop nailpolish in ice crush - used twice-RRP £6 selling for £3.50
    34) I love raspberry and blackberry lipgloss- never used- RRP £3 selling for £1
    35) Colour club nailpolish in mod in manhattan - never used-RRP £2.50 selling for £1
    36) Colour club nailpolish in London calling- never used- RRP £2.50 selling for £1



    Monday, 22 July 2013

    Birchbox UK july 2013

    Hi guys! I've missed you! I've been in paris from friday morning to monday evening with no internet and then had work experience from tues-fri then an acting workshop all of saturday then slept for the whole of sunday so have had NO time whatsoever to update you guys on the latest/best products so i'm sorry about that! Now, to the box...

    Blanc cachemire face cream: Trialled this product yesterday and was left with soft, smooth, hydrated skin all day. Colour me impressed. Buy for £54.75 (here).

    Chia shots: Lifestyle extra, nice idea but not sure how much use i will get out of it. Buy for £4.79 (here).

    Nougat moisturising hand cream in "cherry blossom": Nice balm like texture but horrendous smell. I generally like cherry blossom but this smelt nothing like cherry blossom. Buy for £20 (here).

    Noble isle "fireside" shower gel: Now, i was a little bit annoyed at seeing this in my box. I got a showergel from the same brand last month so  wasn't impressed. The point of beauty boxes is to try out new products, not try the same product (that isn't even a beauty product) but a different version of it. Boorrrring. Having said that it does smell lovely but is pretty bog standard and not worth the £20 price tag. Buy (here).

    Electric hair masque: This masque left my hair feeling soft and nourished. I couldn't really smell a scent which was OK for me buy may be a problem for others. Buy for £23.50 (here).

    My balm instain blush in "swish dot": I'm torn on this product. I found it really hard to work with and blend in and it's really chalky. When i took a picture i was expecting to see what i saw in the mirror in the photo but instead it left a nice flushed, air brushed, finish. [As can be seen in the photos before] I'm going to be using this for occasions when i'm aware there will be a lot of photos as it isn't great for everyday use but does photograph extremely well. Another use for it could be for stage makeup. Buy for £21.50 (here).

    Overall, I am fairly pleased with this box. Seeing some other reviews i'm glad i only got one duplicate product from a previous box, one review i read had 3 duplicates!! Outrageous. Sign up for birchbox for £10 a month (here). What are your thoughts on this box?


    Monday, 8 July 2013

    Ciate Chalkboard Nails, hit or miss?

    Something that has been floating around the bloggersphere a lot recently is Ciate's chalboard nail set. The set features a matte, black Ciaté Paint Pot and liquid Chalk Pens. The idea is that you put the matte paint pot on and then when it's dried you draw on them with the liquid chalk pens.

    I really liked the idea of chalkboard nails. I am most definitely not an artist so found it particularly hard using the pens to draw a design or a pattern. Every time i tried a design it just looked tacky and messy. For me, this product was a total waste of money. Unless you are extremely talented at nail art I wouldn't recommend this. Hell, even if you're amazing at nail art i'm not sure you can work with this... If you do manage to get it to work for you feel free to tweet me at @Talisa_Lauren_T with a photo- i'd love to see your design!

    It retails for £25, buy (here).

    What are your thoughts on Chalkboard nails? Hit or miss?

    Thursday, 4 July 2013

    Daniel wellington "Classy collection" in Bristol

    I've noticed that my jewellery post (here) was rather well recieved so have decided to carry on posting jewellery.

    Daniel wellington have recently released a new collection called "the classy collection". The watches are classic yet luxurious. I opted for Bristol and have been getting compliments all week for it, it adds a touch of glamour to any outfit whilst not being OTT. It is available from daniel wellington for £98 (here). I've managed to get my readers a little discount, if you enter "TALISA" at the checkout you get 15% off until July 20th! Enjoy!


    Monday, 1 July 2013

    Xen tan dark lotion

    I love tanning, all of my body tans really well... apart from my legs. They are whiter than white when the rest of my body is golden; great! The only way i can avoid this is by using fake tan- easy, right? WRONG. Finding the right fake tan is a long and tiring process. Most of the tans i've tried have had something wrong with them whether it be that they make a certain part of my body look awful whilst the other look great (cough Palmers "gradual" tan cough) or streaky. I've been wanting to try Xen tan for a while so when i got sent a bottle i was delighted.

    The product has a strong marzipan scent which personally I love but could be a problem for others. The product dried after 2 minutes and developed over 2 hours to create the natural tanned look that can be seen below:



    I used one pump for the bottom half of my leg and another for the top half, making this 2 pumps per leg. The bottle comes with a large amount of product so will last me a while. I found the product to be really hydrating and make my skin feel really soft.

    I would advise you invest in a tanning mitt, i used (this) one, as the product stains your skin if you apply a dollop to a certain part of your body.

    Make sure that you exfoliate before to make sure no tan gets stuck around/on the dry skin making it obvious you're wearing fake tan.

    Xen tan dark lotion* retails for £23.95 (here). Tan land is my new favourite place to buy fake tan from, they sell high quality fake tan at a lower price than the RRP AND they have free delivery. Win win!
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