Wednesday, 25 March 2015

L'oreal Paris Infallible 24H-Matte in 20 Sand Review

L'oreal is winning in the foundation field at the moment. I have three different foundations i'm alternating between, all from L'oreal, all very different.

This particular one has phenomenal staying power, as suggested by the name. I wore this for twenty hours straight and it did not budge, not one bit. It looked fresh as a daisy for TWENTY hours. More often than not I get home, look in the mirror and think "why did nobody tell me I looked like this?!" but  with this I got home and let out a little gasp.

The product is very thick with high coverage, which I don't need but it's just so good. There's no dodgy smell and the dispenser has a little tube at one end so you can moderate how much comes out, and it's really sanitary. I tend to steer away from things I have to dip my fingers into- all that bacteria. *shudders*

I have very dry skin so was scared, as this has a matte finish, it would dry out my skin more and cling to the dry patches but it did neither so I was pleasantly surprised.

I opted for a darker shade than my usual skintone to cancel out some bruising I had on my face, but this will definitely be my summer foundation as it will keep the oils at bay, whilst staying flawless for hours.

It's available for £6.99 which is an absolute bargain as high end brands would charge £40+ for something of the same standard.

What's your must have foundation?
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