Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Homedics UltraSlim Pro at-home slimming

I'm all for slimming but i'm the laziest person known to man. I'm not overweight by any means but I do have a few unwanted lumps and bumps in places. When I was asked to trial this I jumped at the opportunity. The product claims to aid losing weight after doing some light exercise; such as hoola hooping. Does it work? Yes.

My target areas were my thighs and stomach. I did hoola hooping for my stomach and squats for my thighs. On the box it says you should see visible results in 2 weeks, I found that i saw results after 8 weeks. Partly because i am already quite fit, even though i am lazy, and partly because there wasn't much to lose so changes were not as noticeable.

The machine was extremely easy to use. All you had to do was press the area you were targeting and then click play. The process wasn't at all painful, just a bit tingly. Ok, very tingly. At times it got too much and the pause button came in extremely handy! However, you do get used to it after around 4-5 sessions.

I highly recommend this and although it does come with a hefty price tag of £999, but i've managed to find one for £749 (here), it is worth it as it has the same effects as salon treatments but for a quarter of the price. For £999 you can buy it at current body. The price per use works out to be extremely fair and the only thing you will need to replace is the gel that is used to help with conductivity. It is available for £39 (here).



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  2. Great beauty blog!


  3. Hmm.. it seems like a great product but I'm a little bit on the fence about this one because electrical devices near some body parts can cause long term damage to our organs. But the price you payed for it was a great deal!
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  4. Mmm... I loved the post! 2 years ago I was mmm... thin. Now I definitely need to lose weight! And yes, I am lazy too! I liked to know this product works! Sorry I was away from blogs (mine included), but now I am back! denisesplanet com

  5. Amazing!!

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  6. This seems good but stuff like this isn't for me, and the price tag is a bit scary!


  7. wow this sounds really good, I am also a bit lazy when it comes to exercising but I am not sure if I were to fork out £999, it will have to be the gym then
    Thanks for sharing!!


  8. wow that machine looks intense!

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  9. a bit pricey but so appealing to a fellow lazy girl! x

  10. wow does that work? summer's coming up so def need it.


  11. Ooh, what a price tag, even with the discount price you got it for. I would much rather join the gym. Much cheaper and it promotes a healthy lifestyle long term. If you get used to pilates, aerobics, etc on a weekly basis then that is better. What is the warranty on such a pricey item ? Plus I don't know how I feel about an electric current on my body *_* . Anyway, if you are happy with it, then that's your choice and best of luck !

  12. I don't believe in slimming technology! Frankly speaking if you aren't going to work for it you can't get it.
    Your blog is really cute and so are you!

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